5 Portuguese Sayings to say when you are pissed off!

Life ain't easy for anyone, and sometimes life kicks and slaps you around like hell and human beings, need to verbalize their rantings and vent them through words. But sometimes we found yourselves saying the same stuff all the time when we are frustrated and I think that we all should learn more sentences to vent it out.
For example, I'm Portuguese and I find myself saying a lot of M rated words both in English and in Portuguese. So I thought that it should be usefull (and funny) to know some Portuguese Sayings that you should say when you are pissed!

Number 5 - I'm shitting myself for that!

It's kind of disgusting, but it's the Portuguese way of saying that you don't give a shit about something and I think you should say it, because when people hear this, they will get pretty well the idea that you really don't give a shit. 

Number 4 - You're done to the steak!

Because "You're done", is just not enough to express your will to beat the crap out of somebody. 
You can learn all about this saying in this post

Number 3 - Go to the broad bean!

You can say this to someone that you really want to go way. It's perfect if you are into vegetarian and vegan stuff.

Number 2 - I'm sprinkling myself for that!

This is another Portuguese Saying that you can use if you don't give a shit about something. It's more polite than saying "I don't give shit" and also... a bit more weird. 

Number 1 - Leave yourself of shits!

Because some people are so full of shit.

There are a lot more, but this is a good starter kit for you. I hope this new forms of verbalizing your ranting serves you well.

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